stroopwafelsIf you’ve ever had a stroopwafel, (pronounced, fresh, chewy and yummy), then the question is where to get more.

That’s easy. Right here!

If you’ve never had a stroopwafel, you’re in for a treat: a delicious, chewy, syrup-wafered cookie that’s about to be your new best friend.

stroopwafel-packageHow to eat a Stroopwafel?

If you have a minute, try the traditional approach and warm up your stroopwafel on top of your hot beverage cup. If you’re on the go, slip your Dutch Waffle in the microwave for eight seconds or eat it right out of the package.

traditionalIt’s the perfect snack!

It’s the perfect snack for soccer kids, soccer moms, hikers, bikers, commuters, professional snackers or anyone ready for a little sweetness.

faviconThe Source

EatDutchWaffles is your source for stroopwafels because of our connections to the best bakeries in the world. We ship them fresh to you directly or to your favorite retail outlet.


Order a batch right now and see why Holland’s favorite snack is now getting famous in America.