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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Posted on 01-03-2013 by Eat Dutch Waffles
And fresh stroopwafels for dessert! We have started a series of online giveaways through our facebook page! All you have to do is get onto our page and all the information is right there and ready for you to win! If you don't have facebook, get your teenager to do it for you (but this way, you probably have to share your winnings)

Battle of the Tins

Posted on 06-02-2013 by Eat Dutch Waffles
These lovely tins grace the shelves of our stands and shops in the Netherlands. We are on a quest to find the PERFECT STROOPWAFEL TIN for you folks in the US of A. It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it, and we need your help. Which tin would you like to see available in America?? Like our facebook page to take part in our quest and join in for the chance to win!


E-Sport Waffle. Our sport spice sister!

Posted on 16-01-2013 by Eat Dutch Waffles
Did you know that we have a new member in the waffle family? E-Sport Waffles, our sporty spice waffle sister. Check em out today !

If you're going to San Francisco...

Posted on 03-01-2013 by Eat Dutch Waffles
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair... and pick up a stroopwafel at the NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show! Save the date! January 20th to 22nd at the Moscone Center in San Fran!


Posted on 25-12-2012 by Eat Dutch Waffles
This just in: Stroopwafels for the win! We are just now receiving the results back from our world wide Santa experiment and they are leaning towards confirming our hypothesis that stroopwafels are Santa's cookie of choice when it comes to taking a break after sliding down all those chimneys. We tested Mr. Claus by putting a few EatDutchWaffles stroopwafels on his annual plate with milk in hundreds of households around the globe. Children of the world have been giving us shocking reports that not one crumb has been left on the plates when they've woken up in the morning, some families even report that Santa has helped himself to the remainder of the EatDutchWaffle package kept in the kitchen. Rudolf is not pleased at the switch. He is quoted from a reliable source saying, "Santa used to share a cookie or two with us reindeer, but he hogs all the stroopwafels to himself..." The study is not yet complete, we are still waiting on results from Alaska and Hawaii, as their children are still asleep with visions of sugar-plums dancing in their heads.

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Where in the world is EatDutchWaffles?

Posted on 06-12-2012 by Eat Dutch Waffles
Stroopwafels are taking over the world! This was a very international week for Eat Dutch Waffles as the brand was literally seen all over the world. We were extremely honoured to be asked to particpate in an embassy event in Belgrade, Serbia this past weekend. The bakers never stopped baking as over 850 fresh waffles were made for the party particpants. We were also seen at events in Denmark, Bulgaria, Italy and the Netherlands, having stands in many different christmas markets! If you would like to give the gift of waffles to your loved ones this holiday season and can't get out to the corners of the globe to shop at one of our stalls, place your orders on the website now and we'll be sure they get to you before the big december day!

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Move Over Pumkin Pie

Posted on 19-11-2012 by Eat Dutch Waffles
Make space for a new Thanksgiving Dessert! Shake things up a bit at your family dinner this year by bringing a batch of our delicious Stroopwafels. Give thanks to the chewy goodness that is the Stroopwafel! Happy Thanksgiving and Eet Smakelijk! (Have a nice meal!)

Get to know us better

Posted on 10-10-2012 by Eat Dutch Waffles
At Eatdutchwaffles we believe that everyone deserves a fresh, chewy and yummy stroopwafel. Not just in the United States or Europe, but all over the world. Do you agree with us? Come and join us in our goal to conquer the world with the best tasting cookie on earth. You can follow this blog to stay up to date with our company. if you can't wait for the latest update like us on Facebook/eatdutchwaffles or follow us on twitter @eatdutchwaffles.

Catch us....if you can

Posted on 21-08-2012 by Eat Dutch Waffles
What is the last time you had a real syrup waffle like treat? Maybe with your morning coffee or as a quick bite during your latest bike ride. For sure, you are ready to eat another one. Run to the stores that carry eatducthwaffles or order online through our webshop. A full list of stores that carry our waffles will be available on our website shortly.

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